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Data Studio is open to everyone to build their customized templates and dashboards. But the process is time-consuming and requires some technical know-how to make your template and dashboard attractive enough to produce a result. Eaglytics Co. templates are less costly and can be used to customize your dashboard. This will save you time and does not require any tech knowledge.

When you buy a Data Studio template, you get access to a personalized dashboard that gives you a clear insight into your data so you can understand your business very well. Google Data Studio works in tandem with other Google Marketing Platform products.

Therefore, right after buying a report, you can go ahead and link up your present data source to your template and start probing your data. This will give you a clear vision of your business.

Again, buying a template automatically exposes you to hidden templates that you can copy and help your analytics journey. The beautiful thing is that after copying it, it becomes your own to customize and use however you want.
The first thing to do when buying a template is to decide on which template you want to go for. Once that is done, pick it up and throw it into your cart, and you will be redirected to a “Complete Order” form. Go right ahead and hit that “Buy Now” button, and it is all yours.

The next thing is you will equally be redirected to a template with links that give you access to your already purchased template. You are also going to receive a confirmation email into the inbox of your submitted mail address with the same link to your purchased template. When you click on the link, you will be taken to a template. You can copy the template and start using the copy version.

But in case you did not get the email, you can contact Eaglytics Co. and you will be given instructions on what to do to access your template either directly or through a link that will be sent to you within 24 hrs.

The first thing to do is log into your Gmail account to have complete access to all the necessary options for this purpose. The email that you receive after your purchase comes with a link with the anchor “Get Template”. Click on that link and access the template that you will be provided to copy and use. You can do that by clicking a button on the right side of the top of your report. But sometimes this button is hidden, so you will have to hover your mouse around the top of your report to find it.

Note: If you are not signed into Gmail, you will not have access to this button!

Once this process is completed, you will see your Eaglytics Co. template among your list of reports.
It is now up to you to either directly or indirectly customize the report and start using or make another copy of the report for subsequent use.

After buying an Eaglytics Co. template, you are going to receive a return email with a link that allows you to access the report. To link your data and the report, there are two (2) choices –

By using connectors from your data source to select your data. Let`s say the connector you chose is from Google Analytics, then you can click on the drop and select your website.

By reproducing a copy of your purchased Eaglytics Co. report template.

But re-producing a copy is the option that is highly recommended because in case you make changes that end up proving useless to the report (as it happens all the time), the default template is still there to come back and start all over.

So, while you are reproducing a copy of the template, there will be an option for you to choose the data you wish to link up with the report, as you can see below.
In the case where you bought a Google Data Studio Template with the wrong Gmail account, you don`t have to worry. Maybe you wanted to buy the template using your work account, but you mistakenly ended up buying it with your use your home account. Just log into Eaglytics Co. with your home Gmail account, and then use the “Share This Report“ button and share the report with your work Gmail account. Next, chose the options you want to edit, or if it is for another person, chose the options the person will be able to edit. You can now log into your work Gmail account and edit your report.

General FAQs

Data Studio Templates are reporting templates that work with other Google data evaluation tools using connectors that connect to various data sources like Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Google Search Console, SQL Database, etc., and bring them into one report.

Data Studio is one of Google`s free marketing products and includes Google Analytics in its interface. However, to be able to access some data, you need to use connectors that link to third-party tools. These services are premium services that require subscription payment for such services, as we provide them.

Data Studio has an in-built connector from which you can choose and link your Google Analytics account easily. But you need to be logged into your Gmail account, then you will be able to see your Google Analytics on the various options available.

Below are the available connectors provided by Google Data Studio!

  • Google Analytics
  • YouTube Analytics
  • TV Attribution
  • Google Ads
  • Search console
  • Campaign Manager
  • Google Ad
  • Manager

Data Studio Templates contain templates from a variety of template vendors. It is more like a marketplace where template creators come to sell their templates, and these templates are reviewed by Google to ensure that they align with Google`s quality guidelines.

We are experts at creating ETL Data Pipelines.


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