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"Eaglytics Co. really came through for us by setting up our Looker Studio dashboards. Moving from guesswork to data-driven decisions has been a game-changer. We're seeing happier clients, fewer of them leaving, and our team is working smarter, not harder. Thanks to Eaglytics, our agency is scaling rapidly, and we're actually seeing a real boost in our revenue and profits."


InTouch is a veterinary marketing company offering products and services to 200+ veterinarian doctor clinincs including SEO, PPC management, websites, graphic design and more.

Bill Schroeder, Vice Presdient came to Eaglytics Co. and expressed that, as they’ve been scaling their agency, following are the problems they’ve been facing:

He wanted to create dashboards to consolidate data from their 200+ doctor clinics, across 5 data sources i.e. Google Ads, Meta Ads, Google My Business, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console into a single dashboard.

Poor Client Communication

Inability to quickly generate clear and concise reports, hindering effective communication with clients which was impacting client satisfaction and retention

Time-Consuming Reporting

Manual reporting processes were time-consuming, diverting valuable resources away from strategic tasks and creative initiatives

Increased Data Errors

Manual data handling increased data errors, which led to misguided decisions and strategies

Lack of Benchmarking

No performance benchmarks to show opportunities on sales calls for industry wise trends

Results Achieved

Revenue Per
+ 0 %
Workdays Saved
Per month
Churn Rate
- 0 %
Sales Closing
+ 0 %
+ 0 %

Combined Client Peformance Dashbaords

All client performance under a single dashboard

+12% Revenue per Client

Automated dashboards helped InTouch charge higher retainer charges per month, increasing annual profits by 7%

160 Workdays saved per Month

Automated dashboards helped InTouch reduce 2 workday per employee per month spent on compiling reports manually across 200+ clients

-20% Cost per Acquisition

Real-time, data-driven decision-making by highlighting successful and underperforming campaigns helped InTouch reduce CPA for veterinary clinincs

-15% Client Churn Rate

InTouch achieved higher client retention through tailored strategies based on detailed performance data

+20 Clients in 2 months

Better human resource allocation helped InTouch take more clients on by reducing time spent on manual reporting

Benchmarking Dashboards

Boost Sales, Increase Meeting Book Rates, and Establish Trust with Clients

+20% Sales Closing Rate

Intouch set realistic expectations by showing potential clients that recommendations are based on concrete data and benchmarks

+30% Meeting Booked Rate

Showing industry benchmarks and performance metrics helped InTouch convert leads better

+50% Client NPS

Reassuring potential clients that their marketing budget is being utilized efficiently fosters transparency and builds trust, improving InTouch’s client NPS Score

Client Reporting Dashbaords

Reduce Churn, Boost Growth, and Save Time with Transparency and Real-Time Data

-15% Client Churn Rate

Intouch achieved higher client retention by fostering a transparent relationship with clients, showcasing direct impact of marketing efforts on their business objectives

+20% Growth for Clients

Intouch client clinics saw increased footfall by making informed decisions based on real-time data

80 Workdays saved per Month

Regular performance reports kept clients engaged and informed about their campaigns, building trust and reducing 1 workday per employee per month on client calls and communication

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