Privacy Policy (Eaglytics Co)

At Eaglytics Co., we take the security of our visitors very seriously because of how important our visitors are to us. As a result, in this Privacy Policy, (we, us, or our), want to assure you that the (information, details, data), (we, us, or our), harness from is not for (sales, rent, share, or any such) purposes, except required by federal law. All of which are strictly owned by Eaglytics Co. properties.

The processing of whatever personal data by a user while using our Services at Eaglytics Co. is unique to their integration and is guided by the user’s Privacy Policy as well as an agreement between Eaglytics Co. and the user.

Types of Information We Collect

As you use our services, our server may automatically collect information concerning (“you”, “your”, or “user”). This automatic collection of information can take place on a variety of sources such as – When using our services, your personally provided during (creation of an account on Eaglytics Co., joining our email list or newsletter, or filling a payment processor), during your use of third-party sources, services, or collaborators.

When Using Our Services – When using our website or services, we may process your browser and collect browsing information that directly addresses the (“user”, “you” or “your”) identity such as your IP address, browser version & type. We may equally collect information regarding your most visited portals, pages visited, stay time per page, the device used to visit our website, device type, device operating system, visitor`s demography, etc. The information collected by our server is based on (“your”, “you”, or “the user`s”) individual device or software settings.

Your Personally Provided Information – These are the information you provide during the creation of your account on our website or on any of our third-party platforms such as – Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google, or signing up on our email list, or when trying to make a payment. In this process, our service may require that you provide your personal information. These are information that identifies you as a (“person”, “customer” or “user”).

This information may include –

  • Your name
  • Your Email
  • Your location
  • Your phone number(s)
  • Your profession/occupation, etc.

This information is used to manage (“users”, “visitors” or “clients”) and contact them.

  • Joining Our Email List – Some of this information such as – name, email, etc. may also be required when trying to join our email list. After successfully joining our email list, you directly consent to our Privacy Policy, as well as our Terms and Use. (“You”, “client” or “users), have the full right to sign out of Eaglytics Co. email list any time they wish to, even after signing in. All (“you”, “client” or “users) need to do is click on a link that comes with every email you receive from Eaglytics Co., and complete the sign-out process. There are cases where you may be required to provide further details like your business status, business name, and business type(s). This is for the purpose of keeping a more customized content and services management system.
  • Filling Our Payment Processor – Our service uses third-party payment portals such as – PayPal, Stripe, and Payu to accept payment from (“you”, “users”, or “clients”). Eaglytics Co. hereby discloses that in this case, we do not, in any way, collect sensitive payment information such as credit card details, bank details, etc. We use SSL protocol to encrypt our website and standard security best practices like HTTPS at the start of our URL.


Every information we collect is done in respect of fair use and by lawful means, and with your consent.

Cancellation of Services and Customer Loyalty

Our services cancellation and customer loyalty methodology consist of obtaining data from a variety of APIs and forwarding them to the data analysis tool through connectors, which completely mitigates the ability of data retention, or data history. This can only be possible by a backup service which we do not offer.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies on our website to provide (“you”, “users”, “readers”, or “clients”) the best user experience. These are pieces of data installed on (“your”, “user`s”, “reader`s”, or “client`s”) PC providing information about the website (“you”, “users”, “readers”, or “clients”) visited.

Our cookies make it possible for us to customize our marketing strategy by building a personalized marketing and re-marketing sequence through marketing platforms. This makes it possible for (“you”, “user`s”, “reader`s”, or “client`s”) to control their marketing preference with us.

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