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Advanced Product, Customer Behaviour and Marketing Analytics.
Acting as your Data Driven Consulting Partners in the era of too much data.

What services do we provide as a
Data analytics consulting agency?

Ecommerce Analytics

In eCommerce Analytics process we do customer behaviour and product analysis to convert and retain segments that power your growth, while simultaneously looking for sub-performing segments and how to engage them.

Digital Marketing Analytics

We do “everything at one place” management of your clients, help you understand how to drive more conversions on your clients’ sites and show how each content drives conversion and traffic across domains and segments.

App/Product Analytics

As a Data analytics consulting agency, we do application and customer analysis for your product, helping you engage users, analyse pages, funnel out the stickiness of different pages and help analyse flow of users through the application.

Data Analytics Consulting Agency

We are a Data Analytics company that brings a difference in how insights work.
We work on Customer Behavioural Data and provide you actionable insights
that can show efficient results in less than 3-4 months.


Satisfied Clients

Our Clients have reported easier decision making based on numbers and hence better profitability over months. Moreover


Lines Of Code

Carefully curated SQL codes to create KPIs that not only help you monitor your business health better but help provide actionable insights for your business to grow.


Employees Worldwide

Team of highly motivated individuals driven with the vision to provide exceptional value to your business using data,while maintaining high standards of quality and quick turnaround times


We work with you, not for you

Data Pipelines

Create API based ETL pipelines from your data sources like Firebase, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, MailChimp, etc. into a Data Warehouse.

SQL Queries

Carefully curated SQL queries to create insightful KPIs which best suit your business need

Customer Segmentation & Targeting

Better understand your customer behaviour and purchase behaviour, helping cross sell and market them effectively

Dashboards and Reporting

We will suggest best metrics that would help monitor your business health best and put it on a beautiful and easy to navigate dashboard.

Business Analysis

Deciphering the story from the data and helping provide actionable results for your business problems.

Social Media Marketing Analytics

improve marketing efforts with data driven decision making for creative testing.

Our Works

Check Our Google Data Studio Products

Our Clients

Harness the power of


Our Data Pipeline service uses Google BigQuery to process, transform and store your big data.

Our Technology Partners for

Digital Marketing Analytics Solutions

We partner with the best-in-class tools so we can build the right modern data stack for your organization.

Our Technology Partners for

Digital Marketing Analytics Solutions

We partner with the best-in-class tools so we can build the right modern data stack for your organization.

What Clients Say.

Our clients love us, so would you

"Great communication and understanding of my requirements. They understood my business goals very well and helped me set the foundations for an early stage analytics strategy. Created a very intuitive and easy to use GA analytics dashboard for me after understanding my requirements very carefully."

Aveem Alvi Crunch Club

"They are fantastic. They are professional, knowledgeable, and a great freelancer to work with. I have struggled finding people who are credible on UpWork and without a doubt they are one of the top freelancers I have worked with."

Chris Cote 4patriots

"Great experience working with the team. They’re knowledgeable in Google Data Studio and data modelling and I appreciate their advice for best practices."

Cadence Cheo Flow Analytics


About Us

We at Eaglytics-Co are a 100% remote working team spread over entire India, and now across the globe. As a data analytics consulting agency, we came into existence in March 2020 when the COVID-19 Pandemic struck, leaving all of us locked up in our homes. This presented an excellent opportunity for the co-founders to bootstrap this venture into a 30+ member team in almost a year. The team consists of highly motivated and enthusiastic data gurus who have experience working in data analytics for top corporations of the world including Amazon, Flipkart, JPMorgan, etc.

Our main strengths are:

We are passionate about data that help us to provide amazing value to our clients. Work that is otherwise boring and manual and requires creating excel reports is automated into beautiful-looking curated BI dashboards i.e. Google analytics templates, Facebook ads dashboard templates, and so on.

‘Data is the new Oil’ – We help provide actionable insights and instill a culture of data-driven decision-making in your organisation.

Deliver value with Speed (and under budget) – Insights from data are only useful if they are provided in the nick of time. Our mission is to provide the quickest turnaround times to your business data needs, without burning a hole in your pockets

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