Terms of Service (Eaglytics Co.)

These Terms of service are documented with the sole purpose of giving (“you”, “user”, or “client(s)”) the best service on our website (https://eaglytics-co.com/, associates website(s), or third-party portal(s). 

Therefore Eaglytics co. implores you to take the time to carefully read through the terms and conditions for comprehensive use of our website, associate website, or third-party portals, which is legally binding the Indian law.

Choosing to use the content, or services on our website, associate website, or third-party portal, you directly, and because of the Indian law, to be bounded by the rules of these Terms of Use as elaborated below.

Note that Eaglytics co. reserves the right to change, modify, or cancel, at any time, any, or all the articles of these Terms of Use, without permission, or soliciting (“users”, “client”, or “visitors”) understanding. In any case, (“users”, “clients”, “visitors”) shall receive an email notification two (2) weeks beforehand, on any or every change effected on our (website, associate website(s), or third-party portal(s)).

Acceptable Use and Intellectual Property

Every content, materials, information, including (videos, audio, graphics, data compilation, apps, software, underlying code, page layouts), or any other sort of information that may constitute a portion of this website, or our associate website(s), or third-party portal(s), on https://eaglytics-co.com/ are entirely properties of Eaglytics co. without limitation, unless otherwise posted by (“users”, “clients”, “visitors”), or other third-party associates.

About Our Services

Eaglytics Co. provides a variety of IT applications which makes it possible for your business to connect a variety of data sources to data evaluation or business analytic tools. We also provide connectors (web application), which help to retrieve data from various APIs or application sources for evaluation on various platforms.

Because our attributes and offers are subjects to change, Eaglytics co. takes very seriously, the responsibility of constantly improving and bringing forth new and more relevant products to the marketplace.

About Payment

Our website may contain premium service with specific features which will require some fees for using them. These fees may be recurring (Monthly/yearly subscription), or a one-time payment base. In the case of payment, Eaglytics Co. solicits the services of their-party financing systems such as PayPal, Stripe, and Payu for every financial transaction on the Eaglytics Co. website. All financial transactions for Eaglytics Co. services take place strictly on https://eaglytics-co.com/ through the services of the above-mentioned third-party payment gateways. Eaglytics Co. does not encourage financial transactions for (“services”, “materials”, or “content”) on https://eaglytics-co.com/ through any (associate website(s), or third-party portal(s)).

Any payment for (“services”, “materials”, or “content”) on https://eaglytics-co.com/  automatically warrants our payment processors to charge your credit card, bank account, or any other accepted payment method provided by you, for their services of providing a platform for the financial transaction. You will only be charged according to Eaglytics Co. payment policy allocated on https://eaglytics-co.com/  for each transaction and not more. Eaglytics Co. reserves no warranty for additional charges from third parties or related taxes.

Refund Policy

Eaglytics Co. has a 30-day money-back guarantee, or (refund policy), from the date of purchase, or payment of (“services”, “materials”, or “content”) from https://eaglytics-co.com/, for every first-time purchase. To a refund, you will have to submit a request form to an email displayed on the product page or offers. 

Request are treated within 24 hrs to five (5) business days. We do our best on our part for your refund to be successful, but we are not responsible for when you get access to your money and how much end up receiving. That will depend on the financial rules and regulations of your receiving bank and country.

Your refund may equally be affected in case a malfunction of some features of Eaglytics Co. directly affects your experience. Eaglytics Co., however, will not be held responsible for any data malfunction from the end of data providers such as – Google data, Facebook APIs, as well as other software/services used by Eaglytics Co. to retrieve data.

3rd Parties Policy

Eaglytics Co. connects with third-party web app sources for retrieving data and submitting it into data evaluation and business intelligence software for assessment and evaluation. Therefore, Eaglytics Co. will not be held responsible for any data leakage resulting from an error on the side of our third-party data providers. 

Eaglytics Co. will not be liable for whichever failure or delay caused by events outside its lawful authority. The aforementioned shall not apply to the point that applicable law prohibits it.

Connectors are only allowed to access data after users give their consent whilst creating an account, but Eaglytics Co. does retain any such data without permission (“you”, “users”, or “clients”.

Personal sensitive information may be collected by Eaglytics Co. for user data management and contact details. 

Eaglytics Co. does not disclose such information to third parties unless it becomes necessary and following the regulations, enact our site guidelines, or preserve our rights, assets, or security, as well as that of others.

Data Ownership

Eaglytics Co. is a data connector with the responsibility of providing data to its clients. Hence, we reserve no ownership over the data from third-party sources, nor do our personnel have an opportunity of accessing any data made available to us by our third-party data sources, unless by permission, explicitly, from the client(s).

Third-Party Hyperlinks/Links

Eaglytics Co. reserves the right and discretion to include, into our website, associate website(s), third-party portal(s), hyperlinks to our third-parties services or products (from time-time).  

We hold no liability for the misbehavior of the third parties included on our website, the nature of the content on the third parties because privacy policy and terms and conditions differ from site to site. 

But as the reputable company that we are, we put in our efforts in ensuring that we link only to reputable sites with responsible, relevant, and content with the much-expected value as well. 

Warranties Disclaimer

Eaglytics Co. depends on third parties for data provided on our site. Therefore, we give no guarantee of complete, complete, reliable, accurate, timely, error-free, secure, or uninterrupted. Therefore, we solicit that using Eaglytics Co. is entirely at your risk and discretion.

Eaglytics Co. expressly makes no warranties at all, whether express, implied, statutorily mandated, or otherwise, including, but not limited to, the warranties of merchantable quality, and non-infringement. 

But in the nutshell, Eaglytics Co. will put in the necessary effort to ensure that products and services are promoted with a high standard of reputed and reliable providers. 

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