How our Marketing Analytics Services helped Sugatan achieve 6x revenue growth in 6 months for Averr Aglow

Founder & CEO

"The responsiveness of Sid and his team is what we really appreciate. We work as a 100% remote team. He has been so consistent in his presence and his communication, that he was never a bottleneck"

Challenge is an e-commerce marketing company offering full-stack marketing services to 20+ e-commerce stores scale from $1M+ to $25M+ annual revenue including Paid Ads, Creative Production, CRO, SEO, Email Marketing, and Influencer Marketing.

Kris Sugatan, CEO came to Eaglytics Co. and expressed that, as they’ve been scaling their agency, following are the problems they’ve been facing:

She wanted to create dashboards to consolidate data from their 20+ e-commerce clients, across 10-15 data sources i.e. Shopify, Google Ads, Meta Ads, TikTok Ads, Klaviyo, Google Analytics, COGS, etc into a single PnL dashboard

Lack of Campaign Segmentation

Inability to segment ad performance into attributes to identify what angle, copy, video length, format, etc. worked well

Time-Consuming Reporting and Data Errors

Manual reporting processes were time-consuming and error prone, diverting valuable resources away from strategic tasks and creative initiatives

No Marketing Touchpoint Attribution

No insight into marketing touchpoints before a user converted

Lack of Single Source of Truth Reporting

Lack of consolidated reporting i.e. overall profitability of the entire e-commerce store

Payroll was skyrocketing

Billable hours of 50+ team was increasing by 10% every month, and getting out of control

Results Achieved

Growth for
+ 0 %
per Client
+ 0 %
Workdays saved
per Month
Client Churn
- 0 %
- 0 %

Combined Client Peformance Dashbaords

All client performance under a single dashboard

+15% Revenue per Client

Automated dashboards helped Sugatan charge higher retainer charges per client per per month ($12,000 pm), increasing annual profits by 7%

120 Workdays saved per Month

Automated dashboards helped Sugatan reduce 1.5 workday per employee per month spent on compiling reports manually across 20+ clients

+30% Client NPS

Reassuring potential clients that their marketing budget is being utilized efficiently fosters transparency and builds trust, improving Sugatan’s client NPS Score

Naming Convention Dashboards

Enrich your data to skyrocket what works, and trim down that doesn’t

+600% Client Growth

Optimising marketing campaigns helped Sugatan utilise ad spend better, improving % profitability and encouraging client to scale rapidly

+35% Click Through Rate

Sugatan was able to improve CTRs by optimising ad creatives and pushing ad spend to high converting niches

-10% Cost per Purchase

Improved TOF ads helped Sugatan drive quality traffic to the e-commerce store and reduce CPP for clients

Single Source of Truth Dashboards

Reduce Churn, Boost Growth, and Save Time with Transparency and Real-Time Data

-15% Client Churn Rate

Sugatan achieved higher client retention by fostering a transparent relationship with clients, showcasing direct impact of marketing efforts translating to increased revenue

+20% Growth for Clients

Sugatan clients saw increased revenue and higher ROI by making informed decisions based on real-time data

50 Workdays saved per Month

Real-time performance reports kept clients engaged and informed about their campaigns, building trust and reducing 8 workhours per employee per month on client calls and communication

Payroll Dashboards

Know where your money’s going, get a hold on your finances

-20% Payroll Cost

By keeping a better tab on employee hours, Sugatan was able to optimise the workforce and reduce payroll costs

10 Workdays saved per Month

Automated Payroll calculation helped Sugatan Finance and HR team to save time on payment processing

Calculate how much potential revenue and profit you can charge your clients

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