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Why Use Google Ads Dashboard?

Google Ads Data Studio provides a simple and quick way to view data about your campaigns in an easy-to-use format. Further, you can build google ads attribution reports to strategize your campaign. The dashboard includes charts that allow you to see how well different aspects of the campaign are going, as well as information on what keywords or landing pages are boosting traffic most effectively for this specific ad group. It provides detailed data and graphs that will allow you to make better decisions about future campaigns, so take advantage now! - all without having shared access to the Google ads account with anyone.

Google Ads Template - Major KPIs

With detailed insights on some key metrics like revenue, conversions and ROAS at granular levels you can see how your campaigns/ad groups are performing relative to one another. The amount of data you can collect on your account is staggering! You'll be able to monitor overall performance or revenue, conversions/conversion rates (including cost per conversion), ROAS - all under major KPIs. For example, if there's an increase in the number and size of advertisements clicked by users then this could mean they're having more success with their advertising campaign so it might be pressured up accordingly.

Campaign/Ad Group/Keyword Performance

Get detailed insights on how your campaigns, ad groups and keywords are performing. You can see which ones generate more revenue or conversions compared to others so that you don't waste money continuing ineffective strategies if a certain keyword is not converting at expected rates.

For example: If a specific keyword is generating more than normal traffic but no sales for whatever reason then it could be worth removing this term from future ads rather than wasting money continuing with an ineffective campaign strategy that doesn’t produce results.

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