Google Data Studio Templates For Marketers

Stop wasting 20+ hours each month creating reports for your clients manually.  With our google data studio templates, you can visualize the marketing data and take effective decisions easily.

Create Google Data Studio Reporting Dashboards With These Templates

Use our single source-of-truth dashboards to show the data from all functions of the business

Facebook Ads Dashboard

Google Ads

Google Analytics Dashboard



While you focus on generating Facebook Ads results that drop your clients’ jaws, we streamline reporting so that you and your clients can visually see the impact you are creating on their business.

Our Facebook Ads Data Studio Template covers all grounds of Facebook marketing, including publisher performance, video engagements & campaign and ads conversion.

Using our template, you get all costs, revenues, & driving factors in one place to effectively channelize your ads spend and maximize revenues.


Major KPIs

Campaign/AdSet/Ad Overview

Publisher Platform

Video Performance

use facebook ads data studio template for marketers


Not only do you get to see the Major KPIs for Cost & Revenue in one glance, but you can also get a top-level understanding of your Google Ads performance and make quick decisions. A deep dive into each aspect of the Google Ads funnel is presented on the dashboard. Our Google Ads Data Studio template is highly customizable, so you can adjust the granularity when needed. With such seamless functionality, you can create professional-looking reports in no time.


Major KPIs - Revenue

Major KPIs - Cost

Audience Performance

Campaign/AdSet/Ad Overview


Our Google Analytics Dashboard has 2 major sections: Audience Overview, and Acquisition Overview.

Audience Overview: The overview of the website performance is observed based on important KPIs like New/Returning Users, Revenue and Transactions per User, Total Sessions and Pageviews, Sessions per User, Avg. Session Duration, etc.

Acquisition Overview: This section covers where are the website visitors originating from i.e. Channel and Source and where are they landing i.e. Landing Page visits and their respective performance. Conversion metrics are evaluated like Orders, Revenue, Revenue per User, Transactions per User, AOV, and E-com conversion rate.

As our Google Analytics Data Studio template offers adjustable timelines, you can see how your performance is progressing over time.

Audience Overview

Acquisition Overview

google analytics data studio dashboard

KLAVIYO covers all marketing bases from front-end to back-end. With our Email Marketing Data Studio Template for Klaviyo, you can streamline your entire email marketing chain under one roof.

Also, make Klaviyo even more powerful by connecting it to a Dashboard that lets you visualize the effectiveness of your campaigns at a glimpse.

Our Klaviyo template gives integrated actionable insights into all your email campaigns at one glance. The template includes highly useful KPIs, such as Mail Open Rate, Unsubscribe Rate & Click Rate. You can even analyze the impact of improvement in these KPIs in terms of email orders and revenues.

email marketing data studio template for klaviyo


Whether you are a ready-to-scale agency or if you are on the fence about whether you or your agency needs an Automated Reporting Dashboard, we’d love to offer you a Free Consultation with one of our Digital Marketing or Data Science experts to guide you in the right direction.

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