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15 Best Digital Marketing Analytics Tools You Should Know About

15 Best Digital Marketing Analytics Tools You Should Know About

There are many different tools you can use to analyze your marketing campaigns, and this article will help you understand the differences between them! This article talks about the best digital marketing analytics tools you should know about.

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In this article, we dive into the best digital marketing analytics tools. We have analyzed all of these and compiled our list so that you can better understand which tool is right for your needs. The first thing to know about digital analytics tools is that there are a lot of them out there! So if you’re looking for something specific, like social media management or email marketing, then it’s worth taking some time to explore what each digital marketing analytics software on this list can do. Study its pros and cons too. These 15 tools cover most types of data analysis in digital marketing: from SEO and PPC tracking to conversion rate optimization and more. You’ll find a wide range of options here, including some free services as well as paid versions with added features. These will help your employees be more productive and confident when creating marketing campaigns.

What do Marketing Analytics Tools entail?

Marketing analytics tools are a must-have for any company that wants to make the most of its marketing efforts. Digital marketing teams can use these powerful marketing analytics programs to measure and manage performance, maximizing both investment justification and effectiveness. These analytics software packages offer features such as gathering data from all channels in your marketing mix – like websites, social media pages, or print ads-and combining them so you get one cohesive picture with which to work.

As a part of digital strategy, digital analytics tools help digital marketers grab an exhaustive look at what’s going on across the board by compiling information about every area they’re working within: website traffic; impressions generated through TV commercials; total likes gained on Facebook posts over two weeks ago…the possibilities seem endless! In addition, its digital marketing analytics tools offer analysis beyond just numbers-

1. Mixpanel – Leading provider of advanced Digital Marketing Analytics tools platform and cell phone analytics


Mixpanel will help you track your site or app’s events. You’ll be able to see which actions users are taking on the site, and what order they took them in. Whether it’s product ordering, social media shares of a post, from our blog article you can learn how to use digital marketing analytics tools for higher ROI, MixPanel has got you covered! MixPanel is an easy way to monitor user activity on any website or mobile app (both Android and iOS). With their digital marketing analytics services integrated into your platform(s), you’ll have access to statistics like count per event type as well as insights based on who was using that feature first–allowing data analysts at their agencies whether large or even small alike to stay ahead of trends when marketing.

Who uses it?

MixPanel was designed for marketing professionals, so its functionalities are much further product-oriented unlike marketing-oriented. That being said, marketing departments use it as well, particularly to identify consumer behavior and increase efficiency funnels.

Price: MixPanel has several pricing tiers based on the multitude of tracked occurrences and useful features with a basic subscription starting at 99usd on monthly basis.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers a range of analytics for free, including knowing how many people visit websites from different places and what they did while on the site. This data can help decide which marketing strategies to focus resources on or where you need more traffic. You also have access to the Google ads platform by linking up with ads so that it is easier than ever before! Get customizable google analytics templates with interactive visuals from our experts.

Google Analytics provides an extensive variety of marketing analytics functions like counting page views, tracking user behaviour such as time spent reading content and scrolling down pages, understanding demographic information about who visits your website (e.g., age), etcetera.”

Who is it intended for?

Any marketer who wants to track overall traffic generated by his marketing activities should use Google Analytics.
The subscription plan is 100,000kusd per year.

3. Heap Analytics

Heap Analytics

It is one of the “best behaved” online/mobile monitoring tools in the world, with features that are quite comparable to MixPanel. Heap data analysis will trace any activity done by your online customers constantly, and you can individually select and evaluate the occurrences you want to study in your platform. Individual consumer behaviour is also tracked by Heap, which enables you to categorize individuals based on their behaviour. The heap could also be used to make funnels. MixPanel’s intended audience is very identical to Heap’s. If you’re planning to use any Android app as a social media manager, this isn’t the solution for you. Heap currently does not handle Android apps though.

Whose Heap Digital Marketing Analytics tools Is Intended For?

Heap is a good option for digital marketers looking for information about their website, merchandise, or iOS app’s activities and conversions.

Heap boasts of its free plan even though it’s very limited as compared to paid plans of which they’ll provide to you by themselves.

4. The AdWords Performance Grader

This is a digital marketing analytics tool that allows you to evaluate how well your Google ads are performing.

PPC is a terrific approach to attract new consumers and develop your brand, but it’s an absolute travesty because there are still a lot of factors that might influence your success. With PPC you still need to be the best in your market and have an excellent ad. There’s still no perfect digital marketing analytics tool out there that takes care of all the measurements as this grader does. The Performance Grader is a tool that provides you with all the basic metrics that you would need to get started. Don’t hesitate to try it because you can use it for free though!

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Whose Their Focus is?

From tiny businesses through mid-sized organizations, everyone with an existing GoogleAds subscription can gain from using AdWords Performance Grader’s views.

5. Oribi


Oribi is a new data analytics provider that promises to make smarter and faster decisions with a simple user interface. Oribi’s powerful features allow you to gather up 100% of your online-page events with exception of the need for manual input or code changes, and it does this by automatically collecting everything; from visitors’ behavior on the site through conversion rates.

Change is inevitable, and tracking it can be a daunting task. With the digital marketing analytics tools; Oribi has the solution you need to keep up with your ever-changing website: Oribi! Now you’ll know when an event has happened that needs attention or trending changes in rankings for search engines. With one simple plan at $79 per month as well as the $799 annually, all of the features are included for any size company whether large international corporations or freelancers on a budget.

Their Purpose is focusing on?

Oribi is intended for every marketer who wants to concentrate on generating better marketing outcomes without having to depend on the developer’s expert analysis.

6. Cyfe

Cyfe is a one-stop solution dashboard that enables marketers to see data from various marketing analysis tools in one place. Cyfe also incorporates prebuilt widgets that can be used for Google Analytics, Adwords as well as Sales Force accounts so you don’t have to go through the trouble of setting them up yourself! You’ll also get instant notifications on your phone or email when something goes wrong with a campaign page that you’re using which will save you countless hours from searching back and forth between different programs while trying to figure out what went wrong and where.

Using it is simple – you simply click on the icon and you’re presented with a dashboard to show the performance of different marketing campaigns. When you click on any item you are presented with a simple button to add to a campaign. You can choose your targets and time frame to see how it’s performing and if anything needs tweaking.

Cyfe would then gather all of the statistics you require from different platforms and present them when you’re on a single dashboard. Cyfe offers a free package as well as 19$ additional plans for which you must incur a monthly cost.

7. KissMetrics


One of the most difficult aspects of success online is being able to measure your progress. KissMetrics has a cognitive analytics technique to help you understand how users engage with each feature on your site or product, and lets you know which features are working well for them so that you can improve their experience by focusing more time and attention there to increase user engagement. If it’s conversion rates where they need help, this data will show if making adjustments like tweaking text size or changing colors might be beneficial – without having made any changes at all! You can create A/B tests and see what results are affected by any changes made; increasing conversion rates while making sure users stay engaged in the process!

The one that is it intended for?

Kissmetrics is indeed an excellent choice for marketers that want to build a powerful marketing platform that properly caters to and understands their employee’s needs. KissMetrics’ digital marketing analytics tool can be leveraged to boost conversions, consumer engagement, as well as general marketing success. KissMetrics marketing analytics tool will even hook you up with a special account manager, who will handle your general business needs. KissMetrics also offers exceptional customer support, so you won’t be dealing with any issues.

It costs anywhere from $220 to $1,400, or maybe more if you wish to monitor over 10 million occurrences.

8. Formisimo

Do you know how when you fill out a form on the internet, it always seems to autofill your data? Yeah. Turns out, there is an app for that! Formisimo uses real-time web analytics and 54 individual metrics to analyze why prospects are not converting from forms. From this insight they can tell us where we’re slipping up with our conversion rates, so now we can do better in those areas before launching new projects or improvements of existing ones; all thanks to Formisimo’s ingenious insights! It uses a web analytics component called w3Box which takes things like search engine optimization, value, or conversion rate into account to create the best experience for you.

Who Is The One That Is Designed For?

Who Is The One That Is Designed For

Formisimo marketing analytics tool is useful for everyone who utilizes online forums on their webpage or app. Formisimo, like Mixpanel, is utilized by a few of the internet’s most well-known companies and sites, including Toyota as well as Airbnb, but local firms may profit so much from the device’s actionable data.

The “Start-ups” plan costs $50 per month, while the “Agency” bundle charges $180 each month. The subscription costs include the seven-day video conference, and ad-free feed, and conference room access.

9. BuzzSumo

This feature is a content and social media analysis platform that focuses on the details.
In short, this is a social media digital marketing analytics tool that can help you analyze the impact your content and social media presence have on your target audiences. Using these tools, you can figure out where you’re content and marketing efforts are going wrong and make it right.

BuzzSumo is a very influencer in social media as well as a post-evaluation dashboard that shows users which subjects are popular on all of the main social media platforms. You can also examine the information from a multitude of time intervals, including the last 12 hours or few months. It thus allows you to quickly discover which issues in your business are garnering the most momentum on social media. BuzzSumo has a lot of other capabilities, such as complex keyword search processors; content genres filters, hyperlink statistics, and even affiliate digital marketing tools.

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Whom is it aimed for?

Although practically anybody would benefit from just been able to separate the value from the cluttered internet, BuzzSumo would be most useful to content entrepreneurs, social media experts, and professional bloggers.
Costs are from $99 each month if you want to be a pro, $299/month for an agency, and $999 every month for Enterprises.

10. SEMrush


SEMrush is a powerful digital marketing analytics tool that helps you observe your competitors online. With SEMrush, you can see what keywords they are ranking for and monitor their social media accounts to avoid being left in the dust by them. You can also use it as an opportunity to keep track of how well your brand performs against theirs.

With SEMrush, you can learn more about your competition and how to best use keywords to capture the attention of potential customers. The analytics report tool displays data concerning their AdWords campaign; this allows users like you an opportunity for valuable information that will help them stand out from competitors.

Who is it targeted for?

Marketers that want to improve traffic from search engines and spying on their competition should use SEMrush. SEMrush can help you save time and money by preventing you from relying heavily on unproductive web search strategies.

SEO is so popular now that SEMrush already offers a free version that you can use to analyze more than 5,000 keywords. There are also upgraded versions with premium features that will cost you a 99$ monthly subscription and 399 for businesses people.

11. Klipfolio

Klipfolio’s dashboard marketing analytics software is a dynamic and interactive way to track your marketing performance. Klipfolio is the one-stopshop for all your marketing data. With Klipfolio, you can pull from multiple sources to see every detail in a single integrated dashboard. Klipfolio involves pulling data from platforms like Google Analytics but also Facebook into a single interconnected dashboard, letting you easily track your progress and analyze the information in one place. You wouldn’t even bother to design your new dashboard because there are already pre-built templates that are available for your usage, templates such as Facebook advertisements monitoring panel or even a social media-centered have been set already on the dashboard. However, if you still love your build, you can customize your dashboard to meet your specific needs.

Who is it geared for?

Who is it geared for

Klipfolio is ideal for every digital marketing agency that wants to keep track of many channels from a single dashboard. Klipfolio also has capabilities that are much more suited to marketing companies, such as the ability to create dashboards to communicate their results with clients.

There’s now a “beginner” rate of $24 per month and for lesser clubs with fewer users its goes way upward to an “enterprise” pricing of $199 per month besides companies that need to create and support several dashboards.

12. Hotjar

Hotjar digital marketing option has an array of features such as conversion funnel analysis and registration form analysis but they’re best known for being able to provide in-depth information about how users interact with different areas on your site: through digital marketing analytics tools like feedback polls or surveys. The well-known heat map tool by Hotjar is a favorite for many website owners, designers, and marketers. It can help you understand how site visitors are navigating your page, their scrolling behavior as they read it or when they hover over something with the cursor–and also which parts of your page people tend to click on and also the pages that won’t work because those areas might be too small or not easily visible enough. Where people click on (and scroll!) throughout your website – giving businesses valuable insight into visitor behavior so they know exactly what needs fixing!

Who is it made for?

Hotjar is an excellent choice for newly launched or frequently updated blogs. HotJar will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your internet pages without having to wait for large amounts of data.

Price varies between $89 per month per 20K daily browsers to $989 per month besides 800K page views, with an inclusion of more expensive custom plans that are available for heavy customers.

13. Crowdbooster – Amplified on Social Media

Crowdbooster – Amplified on Social Media

Social media can be a tricky place to navigate. There are numerous social media analytics resources available; however, some are more effective than others. A lot of digital marketing analytics tools on social medial marketers depend on Twitter as well as Facebook’s strong built-in statistics to gather insights about their audience interaction, yet these digital marketing tools might be missing at times. That’s where Crowdbooster digital marketing product comes in: it offers more data for the modern-day marketer who needs an edge over the competition while still being able to keep up with all that is happening online today! It offers many features that are otherwise unavailable from other digital marketinganalyticssoftware, such as an easy way for brands to share content with engaged followers or even specific influencers.

It doesn’t end there, though. Crowdbooster can also help you discover your most connected friends and supporters, as well as take advice on ways to reach many of your social-media evangelists and continuously improve the quality of your social media postings on your page as it increases user’s engagement.

The one that is it intended for?

Crowdbooster’s insights digital marketing analytics tools allow you to tailor your social media campaigns with precision. Whether it is a small business just getting started or one managing multiple accounts, Crowdbooster will help them reach their target audience and achieve success!

Crowdbooster ideally is designed for the social media managers that are in charge of several brands or commercial social media profiles.

The Bronze option includes one Twitter feed, a single Fb page, one authorized person, and tracking of approximately 50,000 follows, and it starts at $9 on monthly basis. Their Gold package charges $119 every month and includes 30 social accounts, 30 daily users, plus limitless fan and subscriber analysis. At the customized basics, customized plans are tailored towards your requirements.

14. Crazyegg


Crazyegg has been around since 2006, helping website owners see how their design affects conversions. The tool reveals where people are clicking on your site and what they do after that click – whether it be scrolling down the page or moving to another tab altogether. CrazyEgg also allows you to segment data by different sources of visitors so you can compare behaviors across these groups with ease!

Crazy Egg is a heat map tool for websites that first appeared in 2006. It helps business professionals understand exactly why conversion rates might not be as high as advertised: maybe there’s something wrong with the way customers interact when they visit websites from an online store while using this software.

15. HubSpot

Have you heard of this digital marketing analytics tool? HubSpot is a platform that puts emphasis on inbound marketing and is as great as Hevo. It also focuses more on content marketing and search marketing activities. All marketers need it, as it is full of data analysis tools that can help professionals assess various touchpoints and come up with attribution reports on revenues and more. Users can pull data from various sources and place it in one place so as to draw insights from it. With it you no longer have to depend on Dan ads or cookies to find who is viewing your products or services.

Who uses it?

It is for anyone who is involved in sales and marketing activities. The tool can help you make better marketing budgets and winning advertising campaigns. Once you create attribution reports with HubSpot, you can use the information gained to boost your sales and revenues.

Pricing: This user-friendly platform has a free option as well as a Starter subscription plan that costs $40 every month.


Why do you need digital marketing analytics tools? Like any other business, digital marketers know that data is the key to success. But like most people in the industry will tell you—data isn’t just a “nice-to-have;” it’s analyzable and transformable insights are what set your brand apart from competitors by showing which channels work best for them, where they should focus their efforts on, what next (or how much time they should spend), etc., along with personalizing content based on each customer group. And when we say “analytics,” this article doesn’t mean financial or audience size metrics alone–rather than simply opening up a new tab or buying a separate tool to consume online media, we should treat our analytics like our story, a familiar road map that guides us to better understand our audience, and our skills and judgment–things that will benefit our daily journey through digital marketing and pay big.

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