Purpose of Google Data Studio Template

Purpose of Google Data Studio Template

The answer to the question What is the purpose of Google Data Studio Template is to extract the exact and accurate gist of information fastly from the various collated data sources under a single bucket. The Google Data Studio’s template is considered the fastest way to get the reports using information from data-rich sources, which is a proven successful strategy in concluding a reliable decision-making process. Combining complex data from various connectors and enabling it in a user-friendly report will be a major help to a marketer in getting insights into the data. By reading this article completely, you will get familiarized with the various purposes of Data Studio Templates.

By just downloading a template and adding it to your Google account, with the help of tools, it is made possible to have a complete data analysis for you. You can also customize the same according to your requirement or the style in which you want your report should be. In addition to this, you can also create a your-own template in Google Data Studio and share it with others.

What is the purpose of Google Data Studio Template?

In Google Data Studio, there are various templates available for various purposes. Wherein, based on the ultimate purposes of different templates they are used, these Google Data Studio templates are tagged under distinct categories. You can use Google Data Studio templates to do a ton of work. Let us have a detailed study about the various purposes of templates in Google Data Studio as below:

For Tracking Cross_Channels:

One of the notable purposes of the Templates in Google Data Studio is the usage of ‘Dashboard Templates,’ through which you can track the various platforms in social media to have a comparison between cross_channels paid ads details. Usually, the platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google store their marketing ads performance details in different storage hubs. With the help of Dashboard templates, it is made easy to collate all these details stored in various locations under one roof. This would be very handy in making a quick decision accurately, which one is the right choice to make your ads.

For Tracking Performances of your ads:

Tracking Ads Performances

After identifying the channel that has considerable viewers for your brand, it is mandatory to track the performance that every channel has for your ads. This can be done easily because of the reason that most of the templates in Google Data Studio are developed in such a way targeting a specific marketing platform. Likewise, certain Google Data Studio templates will be used to track the ads performance of Facebook alone and some others will do it only on LinkedIn, etc.

For Tracking Social Media performance:

The performances of your social media accounts can be tracked using the ‘Reporting templates for the performance of Social Media.’ These kinds of Google Data Studio templates are extremely helpful in obtaining a clear overview and status of your media account activities in no time. For example, the performance of your Youtube channel can be monitored using social_media reporting templates in terms of the average duration of a video, the number of views for a particular video, how many times the video was shared, and other important, useful metrics information.

For checking your website Performance:

Another important purpose of the Data Studio Template is that good-looking, client-attractive SEO reports can be created using Google Data Studio. The usage of ‘SEO_Reporting Template’ enables you to check your website performance and to make a comparative study with that of other websites considered as a competitor. Even this can be manipulated to get the performances within your business among your several branches can be made. You can also create SEO reports in Google Data Studio.

Google Data Studio for Email Marketing Activities:

It is possible to connect your email marketing platform like Mailchimp with your Google Data Studio account. This enables you to track the performance of your marketing through email activities and as a result, you will be handed numerous marketing stats even a metric stat for unique clicks of emails can also be obtained.

Google Data Studio Template for eCommerce:

Template for eCommerce tracking

The most attractive and valuable purpose of the Google Data Studio Template comes with the use of ‘Ecommerce reporting templates’ under Google Analytics. This eCommerce report template exhibits complete and accurate statistics in respect of total transactions, amount of revenue, number of products sold, the trending behavior of the customers, etc., briefly over some time in a matter of seconds.

For Tracking complete Back-line Performance:

To obtain a complete back-line performance of the website, a Google Data Studio template termed ‘Ahrefs Data Studio Template’ can be used. It has four interesting aspects that include Ahrefs-Data, pages of landing, domain referred, and links using Google Spreadsheet. This is completely free to use this Ahrefs template.

For Tracking performance of the contents: 

The performance of the contents of blogs and websites can be very well tracked by creating a report in Google Data Studio is another important purpose of Data Studio Template. As the Google Analytics account information is incorporated, all Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and thorough analysis will be provided in the report. The report would explain how the content is performing, which blog sessions are trending, the factors that bring visitors, etc.

For Tracking the speed of the site: 

The speed of the site plays a key role as fast sites gain priority in the eyes of the search engine. Knowing detailed pieces of information about the speed of every page of the site, like Average Page Load Time which explains the time taken by the browser, to load the page from the initiation till the completion, Average Page download time, The average Response time is taken by the server to execute the request and the Average Server Connection time is possible. The purpose of templates in google data studio is to get all this information very well explained and required action can be taken to improve the speed of the site and gain preference in ranking. 

For Tracking the Keywords: 

Keywords Tracking

Keywords performance checking is another purpose of Google Data Studio Template. With the help of the Google Data Studio Keyword-Ranking template, exhaustive statistics with compared KPIs over time can be obtained. The report contains a break-up of data by Country, devices., etc, you can easily rank your site by tracking each page’s performance and keywords thereon. To identify potential keywords, the Keyword Cannibalisation Explorer can be used.

For Tracking engagement, conversion stat, and clicks:

Using the Display and Video-360 performance Dashboard you can track engagement and conversion stats with Clicks. It is used to compare user experience in Display and Video-360.

For understanding CRM Attribution:

An interesting and important purpose of Google Data Studio Template is using the CRM (Customer Relation Management) Attribution Dashboard template, which keeps the marketers understanding the pulse of the customers. Based on the CRM events, the marketing strategies can be optimized accordingly.

To Track visitor customer ratio:

If you find more people visiting your site but most of them leave your site without making any purchase, you can use Google Data Studio template to convert the visitor into customers. Using Conversion Funnel templates, creating segments, and funnel set up, the pattern of the visitor’s behavior can be judged. Tracking the fact that whether the visitors leave the site or navigate to other pages of the site, will give an insight that the causes responsible drop off points of the product. It would help promote sales on the site

To measure the efficiency of Google Ads:

Using the Google Ads Templates, the analysis of return on Ads spend (ROAS) can be done easily. The performance of Google Ads can be ascertained and audience interaction with the Ads can also be tracked. The trend of conversions and cost per conversion can be monitored.

To consolidate Google search console performance:

Google Search

One of the finest purposes of the Google Data Studio Template is that in a single Dashboard, all the data regarding the performance of the Google search console can be visualized in all kinds of gadgets such as Desktop, Mobiles, and Tablets along with the URL clicks, URL CTR and Site CTR percentages through the SEO reports generated by the Google Data Studio.


Hope this article has provided immense details about the purpose of Google Data Studio Template powered with enhanced settings to its features and adaptations, for example, a significant feature is even though the templates are in English and the data source is in a different language, the subsequent reports will be generated as per the data source language, breaking the language barrier and promoting universal usage. Google has also initiated free classes, if you are looking for tutorials and certification courses, can avail yourself from Google Analytics Academy which can make this Google Data Studio a wonderful experience. We created a few amazing Google data studio templates which the customers can check here.

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